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scrypt | Port 7777
currently mining

sha-256 | Port 8888
currently mining
Pool Round Exchange
Coin Hashrate Time Rate (/BTC) Profitability
scrypt top 5 in profitability
(MP) LTC 273.5 MH/s 2h3m 0.02558000 52.69
MEC 13.3 MH/s 4h43m 0.00024140 54.25
DOGE 12824.5 MH/s 0h18m 0.00000131 45.52
WDC 17.7 MH/s 2h26m 0.00008716 43.60
GDC 4.3 MH/s 0h9m 0.00000038 39.61
sha-256 top5 in profitability
(MP) BTC 139.660 TH/s 30h25m 1.00000000 1.00
FRC 2.550 TH/s 0h13m 0.00003039 0.94
PPC 1.376 TH/s 26h10m 0.00540825 0.90
ZET 1.045 TH/s 0h5m 0.00004003 0.43
TRC 1.785 TH/s 0h10m 0.00024000 0.34
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2014-04-17T00:48:04.224Z US pools suffered a ddos attack earlier but have fully recovered. No shares were lost.

2014-04-16T05:25:21.285Z Troubleshooting an issue on east.. You may see your connections broken a few times.

2014-04-14T23:07:00.878Z For those of you who'd like to mine Whitecoin, head on over to our sister site ipominer.com!

2014-04-14T17:00:27.346Z Clevermining slightly edges out Multipool in week #2 of Crypto Pros' test, Multipool still slightly in the lead overall:http://www.cryptopros.com/2014/04/multipool-vs-clevermining-test.html#week2

2014-04-14T10:11:27.350Z us-east2 is currently down due to a network issue at our provider. Please use a different server. We do not have an ETA for a fix.

2014-04-14T08:13:04.230Z Some west pools are currently down for maintenance. ETA 30 minutes.

2014-04-14T06:17:05.788Z It appears several users have had their accounts compromised who were using the same password here and on Bitcointalk. If you use the same password here as on ANY OTHER SITE, your account will most likely be compromised! Please make sure you are using a complex and unique password!

2014-04-10T09:42:11.672Z We have completed our changes to the Scrypt mining back end connectivity, and Scrypt Multiport users should no longer experience a disconnect upon switching coins.

2014-04-10T07:47:44.287Z 24 Hour profit snapshot now displays your personal BTC/MH/day earnings for scrypt coins and BTC/GH/day for SHA-256 coins.

2014-04-09T20:48:19.618Z There were some issues on us-east this morning due to a possible attack. US-east is functioning properly now. An unrelated issue with new block scoring on a couple coins was also resolved.

Multiports - Recent Profitability
PeriodAvg. Scrypt Profitability
Avg. SHA-256 Profitability
1 day (ending 2014-04-17 0:00 UTC)0.006147230.00010019
3 days (ending 2014-04-17 0:00 UTC)0.005043520.00013543
10 days (ending 2014-04-17 0:00 UTC)0.004287260.00010018

Welcome to Multipool!

Welcome to Multipool™, the original profit-switching cryptocoin mining pool. Mine your favorite coin, or point your miners at one of our Multiports™ and always be mining the most profitable coin!

If you are a new user, please create an account. Then click "Help", and follow the instructions on that page.

Why use Multipool?

  • Get your coins faster! Most of our currencies pay out after 20 confirmations or fewer. Hold the currencies you want to use or think will appreciate in value, and sell the rest before other pools dump!
  • Cryptsy integration makes withdrawals a snap!
  • Our pools run on Enterprise-grade, fully redundant dedicated servers.
  • Both our website and our high difficulty stratum ports are DDOS-protected.
  • Our admin never sleeps! Not really, but we do try to respond to users and resolve issues as quickly as possible.
  • Our modified proportional payout system means that you can be sure every share you submit will be paid. No shares are discarded without being paid. Our method is resistant to pool hoppers.

Multipool uses the following ports and addresses:

Multiports: Automatic Profit-switching ports
AlgorithmURL (US)URL (EU)
stratum+tcp://us-east2.multipool.us:7777 (+)
stratum+tcp://us-west2.multipool.us:7777 (+)
stratum+tcp://eu2.multipool.us:7777 (+)
sha-256 ASIC
stratum+tcp://us-east2.multipool.us:8888 (+)
stratum+tcp://us-west2.multipool.us:8888 (+)
stratum+tcp://eu2.multipool.us:8888 (+)
sha-256 ASIC
BTC CEX.io low diff:
stratum+tcp://us-east2.multipool.us:9999 (+)
stratum+tcp://us-west2.multipool.us:9999 (+)
stratum+tcp://eu2.multipool.us:9999 (+)
(+) DDOS-Protected, high difficulty pools. Minimum share difficulty = 256. Lower hashrate users should use these pools as a backup pool.
Direct ports: For mining a single coin
Bitcoin (BTC):3332Litecoin (LTC):3334
Bitcoin (Low difficutly):9332FeatherCoin (FTC):3337
Freicoin (FRC):3341Mincoin (MNC):3339
PeerCoin (PPC):3335WorldCoin (WDC):3342
Terracoin (TRC):3333DigitalCoin (DGC):3343
Zetacoin (ZET):3350NovaCoin (NVC):3344
LuckyCoin (LKY):3345
Argentum (ARG):3346
PhenixCoin (PXC):3347
MegaCoin (MEC):3348
BottleCaps (CAP):3349
Cryptogenic Bullion (CGB):3336
DogeCoin (DOGE):3352
Diamond (DMD):3354
Grandcoin (GDC):3356
FedoraCoin (TIPS):3357
Mooncoin (MOON):3358
Earthcoin (EAC):3359
Lottocoin (LOT):3360
AuroraCoin (AUR):3362

Payouts are processed every 30 minutes.